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Past Projects And Work


At Structural and Metal Services LLC we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional metal fabrication services. Feel free to view our gallery below of past projects and work.

Structural Steel Tower

Structural Steel Framing 

Structural steel framing + joist and eck

Metal Pan Stairs

Steel Columns and W Flange Beams

Structural Steel Framing 

Steel framing before the installation of decking

Joist and Deck Roof Framing

Joist and Deck

Screen Walls

Steel Tube Framing

Screen Wall For Concealment Of Roof Top Units

Pedestrian Bridge


Demo Of Existing Steel

Send Your Feedback

We always strive to improve our services at every opportunity. If you have been one of our clients and you have any comments or feedback about the way we do our business, kindly get in touch with us by filling out the form below. 




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